Diriyah Visitor Center

Established in the 15th century and designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010, Diriyah’s legacy is woven into the fabric of Saudi Arabia’s heritage. Craft presents the Al Bujairi Visitor Center: a testament to the city’s culture, history, and geography.

Designed and built by Craft, the center’s architecture pays homage to Diriyah’s original construction, while its exhibits offer a contemporary lens on the city’s storied past. From a modern map of Bujairi to interactive historical walls, visitors can delve into Diriyah’s narrative through immersive rooms and screens. Blending handmade craftsmanship with cutting-edge 3D-printed components, the project embodies a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation.

Craft collaborated with Squint/Opera to bring captivating digital content to life, enhancing the visitor experience and deepening the exploration of Diriyah’s vibrant history.


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Diriyah Gate Development Authority


626 sqm



Diriyah Visitor Center