Diriyah Welcome Center

Echoes of History: A Timeless Journey into Diriyah’s Heritage

Founded in the 15th century, Diriyah is known for being the original house of Saud and the first Saudi state. In 2010, it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Craft design-built Al Bujairi Visitor Center: a space that represents the city’s culture, history, and geography.

The center’s structure includes architectural details that allude to the city’s original construction. Features of the exhibition include: a contemporary map of Bujairi, a historical wall that allows the visitors to flip through certain areas to read more, and immersive rooms and screens. The project combines handmade and 3D printed components.

Content Creation: Squint/Opera

Craft’s role and scope included:

  • Lead contractor
  • Projection mapping
  • Multi-use touch displays
  • External and internal wall graphics
  • Lighting
  • Digital cultural and historical context
  • Exterior landscaping
  • Systems integration
  • Bespoke furniture fabrication


Visitor Center





Diriyah Visitor Center