Campus Cafe

The RCU Campus Café Lounge stands as an emblematic Design and Build endeavor, epitomizing luxury and modernity in a welcoming environment spanning 400 sqm. Designed to offer RCU staff members a tranquil and refined retreat, the lounge exudes sophistication in every detail.

Our design philosophy integrates aesthetically pleasing interior elements, from furniture to lighting, meticulously curated to harmonize with the chosen concept. With a focus on functionality, we crafted an efficient layout and floor plan that optimizes seating capacity without compromising on comfort or spaciousness. High-quality materials and finishes adorn the space, seamlessly aligning with the café’s overarching design theme.

From concept to handover, the project followed a medium-range construction period of 5 months, ensuring timely delivery without sacrificing craftsmanship or attention to detail.




Royal Commission for AlUla


400 sqm



Campus Cafe