Khaybar Visitor Center

Nestled amidst the volcanic fields of Herrat Khaybar, the ancient town of Khaybar stands as a testament to the rich heritage of the Arabian Peninsula’s incense trade routes. Surrounded by steep walls of volcanic rock, the Khaybar Oasis continues to flourish, nourished by natural springs that have sustained the land since prehistoric times.

In collaboration with the Royal Commission for AlUla, Craft embarked on a transformative project to establish a new Visitor Center overlooking the oasis. Beyond constructing the building, our scope encompassed the meticulous fitting-out of display fixtures and the integration of sophisticated audio-visual technology, including touch screen arrays and immersive content activation.

Designed as a gateway to Khaybar’s history and natural wonders, the Visitor Center serves as a focal point for incoming tourists. Here, visitors receive an insightful introduction to the oasis before embarking on guided tours through the lava bluffs and into the lush palm groves below. With its museum-like ambiance, the Center beckons visitors to delve into the narrative of Khaybar’s landscape.




Royal Commission for AlUla


550 sqm



Khaybar Visitor Center