Deliver an unforgettable experience.

We develop and produce large-scale, complex temporary and permanent exhibitions and events that will bring your vision to life. Working closely with you, we create unique multi-platform experiences that educate and impress audiences and stay with visitors long after they have left the venue.

You will not only benefit from Craft’s in-house museum, arts and culture, design and architecture professionals – you’ll also have access to our vast network of world-renowned architects, designers, artists, curators, content providers, media and other industry experts to ensure your success.

We will be as passionate about your idea as you are. Our job isn’t to build something: it’s to surprise, create joy, to change thinking – to move people.


We don’t know everything
But we can accomplish pretty much anything. That’s because, over decades, the most important thing we have learned is how to solve problems. So, you’re in good hands.

Orazio Moretti


Wassyl Kara Terki


Matthew Roche

Founding Partner

Peter Landuyt



We are proud to have helped so many amazing organizations, governments and companies create wonder, change thinking, and move people.


Sometimes even experts need assistance – and we work with the best.


Are you curious, creative, passionate, collaborative, confident, egoless, excited to be part of something special – and a nice person? Have we got a place for you! Take a look and see.