Position Title                                      :               CARPENTER


Accountable To                                 :               Workshop Manager


  • Responsible for designing, building, installing, and repairing structures, fixtures, furniture, and other items using different types of materials including wood and steel.



  • Understand the project brief and deliverables.
  • Study specifications in blueprints, sketches or building plans to prepare project layout and determine dimensions and materials required.
  • Correct selection of materials for fabrication of crates, stands and furniture.
  • Ensure all materials for fabrication are at hand for production. Select and order lumber and other required materials.
  • Work with blueprints/ working drawings or instructions from supervisors.
  • Understand measurements and how to accurately apply these measurements.
  • Measure and mark cutting lines on materials, using ruler, pencil, chalk, and marking gauge.
  • Work with materials such as wood, plastic, steel and drywall.
  • Shape or cut materials to specified measurements, using hand tools, machines, or power saw.
  • Utilize woodwork machinery (chisels, planes, saws, drills etc.)
  • Use levels, rules, plumb bobs, framing squares (woodwork tools) to ensure everything is level and secure.
  • Ensure all equipment is functioning properly.
  • Assemble and fasten materials to make framework or props, using hand tools and wood screws, nails, dowel pins, or glue.
  • Fill cracks and other defects in plaster or plasterboard and sand patch, using patching plaster, trowel, and sanding tool.
  • Paint and finish fabrications.
  • Check work along the way to ensure it’s according to project brief and specifications.
  • Work with prefabricated materials. Install partitions. (Shop fitting).
  • Installation of cabinets and mouldings.
  • Erect scaffolding and ladders safely and securely.
  • Follow established safety rules and regulations and maintain a safe and clean environment.
  • Build or repair crates, stands, furniture’s cabinets, doors, frameworks, floors, and other wooden fixtures using woodworking machines, carpenter’s hand tools, and power tools.
  • Remove damaged or defective parts or sections of structures and repair or replace, using hand tools.
  • Maintain records, document actions and present written progress reports.
  • Work with and/or remove hazardous material.
  • Assist with model base construction (Physical department)
  • Assist with landscaping and basic model making requirements.
  • Assist with installation of physical models, furniture at exhibitions.
  • Assist with maintenance of the workshop (moving of crates, models etc.)
  • Weekly report to workshop manager on progress made/ project status.


  • Assist with cleaning of the factory when required. This would entail emptying of dustbins and shrapnel items not in use – please confirm what should be thrown away with the workshop manager.
  • Assist with loading/ off-loading of items received/ delivered. Positioning of items in the warehouse should be confirmed with the person responsible.
  • When not busy you should report to the workshop manager – we will allocate a task for you to learn with the assistance of another employee (Part of training)
  • Communication: If instructions are not clear please ask for a translator so that the task on hand can be dealt with correctly.



  • 8th or High School Pass


  • 02+ years of Experience.


  • Ability to operate required equipment in a safe and responsible manner
  • Client service and public interaction skills
  • Team building
  • Effective verbal and listening communications skills
  • Time management skills
  • Ability to read building specifications