Where Art, Nature, and Heritage Converge.

Daimumah – named after the Arabic word for ‘sustainability’ – is a project that brings together an extraordinary blend of services for an unforgettable experience. From design build and full operations & maintenance to curating an entertainment and educational calendar, we’ve got it all covered.

We constructed picturesque pathways lined with palm groves and surrounded by fragrant botanical gardens. While wandering, you’ll discover fertile farmland where local farmers cultivate crops using sustainable practices, showcasing the harmony between tradition and innovation. Amidst # AlUlaOasis , ancient mud brick dwellings and the marvel of the ancient qanats – the irrigation channels that have sustained this land for centuries – await your exploration.

Daimumah is not only a sanctuary for nature enthusiasts but also a haven for art lovers. The Oasis Reborn Artist Residency has inspired awe – inspiring art installations by Talin Hazbar and Sofiane Merabet , adding a touch of creative brilliance to this already captivating landscape. Our stunning amphitheater is ready to host captivating performances, while one of our cabins offers continuous arts and craft education for all enthusiasts.

Indulge your senses at the onsite restaurant and café, where we take pride in crafting unique culinary delights and overseeing the food and beverage experience with our specially designed menus. Relax on the wood – decked terrace or seek refuge in the charming wood cabin with its shade – dappled terrace, offering breathtaking views of the scenic surroundings.

For those seeking an even deeper connection with nature, the Explorer’s Garden awaits, along with a mesmerizing Treehouse nestled within its lush embrace. Let your imagination roam freely in this sanctuary of creativity and inspiration.

And let’s not forget the ambiance. Our team has meticulously designed customized lighting throughout the space, adding an enchanting touch to every moment.

This project was crafted with passion and stands as a testament to our dedication to design, build, and restore – seamlessly merging art, nature, and heritage.


Design – Build & Operate




65,000 sqm (?)