From Mudhouse to Modern Oasis

Base and Boon’s newest location just opened in Oasis Square, Al Jadidah and we’re excited to share with you the process behind it all. Sitting on a historical landmark, Craft’s role included designing, renovating, and transforming the mud house into a fully functional salon space. By following professional conservation methodology, Craft intervened by preserving reusable materials and introduced contemporary features when the additional support was needed. Electric wiring, glass windows, doors, and wooden floors were added. The roof was restored by adding one layer of geotextile to create a water barrier that was effective yet breathable.

Craft also curated, fabricated, and installed two building-scale art murals in AlUla.

The mural by the art collective ST4 and transverses the entire side wall of one of AlJadidah’s landmarks at Oasis Square, adobe the salon. With reference to AlUla’s heritage, the piece combines Arabic letters, architectural elements, and a raw color palette, all inspired by AlUla’s heritage.

The entire project was completed in two weeks and included printed fabric, custom stenciling, and painting.


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Art Installation