Tayma Visistor Center

Journey Through Time & Explore Tayma’s Legacy.

In an effort to preserve this history of Tayma, Craft design – built Tayma Visitor Center. The museum invites Saudi locals and tourists and informs them on the rich history of the area which is surrounded by Bir Hadaj, Suk AlNajm, and Al Haram Palace.

Bir Hadaj, the irregularly shaped well is 12 meters deep, 15 meters wide, and is still functioning today.

Suk AlNajm is famous for its gate, being the oldest of it kind still to survive.

Al Hamra Palace is one of the oldest settlements in Saudi Arabia, and even the whole Arabian peninsula. Studies indicate that the palace dates back to the 6th century BCE.

With all the exciting projects that we take on, we are proud to be working on projects that align with Saudi’s Vision 2030. This cultural landmark is a must visit.


Design – Build & Operate


Royal Commission for AlUla



Tayma Visistor Center