Khaybar Volcano Camp

An Exclusive Eco-lodge Glamping Experience.

Craft’s most prestigious project to date, Khaybar Volcano Camp is an exclusive –of the map– eco-lodge glamping experience.

Built on a cinematic landscape, Craft design – built an all – encompassing camp from 10 luxurious suites, mediation, and stargazing areas to à la carte dining and more. Craft also developed the entire program from selecting the visitors’ experiences to programming and operations to deciding on the menu.

Shaped by years of volcanic eruptions, its location is known to be one of the largest and rarest lava fields in the Kingdom. The pods’ exteriors are minimalistic and sleek, while their interiors are inspired by the ‘surrounding stark black basalt and white volcanic craters.’ The furniture is modern and dark creating an intimate atmosphere that allows the visitor to focus on the natural landscape outside.

Situated in Harrat Khaybar, the camp is a 3 – hour drive from AlUla and is surrounded by Black Volcano, Umm Jirsan Cave, and Jabal Al Qadr . Guests can explore ‘one of the most expansive and important archaeological projects in the world, full of prehistoric monuments, rare geological landmarks, lush oases, and lava caves that have existed for millions of years.’ In addition, visitors can enjoy a variety of activities such as hiking, sound healing, stargazing, bonfires, and more.


Design – build & Operate


The Royal Commission of AlUla



Khaybar Volcona Camp