A Myth is a Collective Dream

Bridging Reality Through Art & Augmented Reality

We worked with Basmah Felemban – the winner of the Misk Art Grant – on her project ‘A Myth is a Collective Dream. Our role included the fabrication and installation of the art piece.

“Basmah Felemban presents a multimedia installation that explores physical and mathematical concepts and creates a reality through a series of found videos from the internet, diagrams, audiofiles, and 3D holograms that can be accessed through augmented reality. Through data analysis and research, Felemban began to establish a database that allows visual components of this world to connect with each other; and additionally, for the stories of this world to form numbers, followed by shapes and colours. Through ‘world building,’ Felemban attempts to write a story via Augmented Reality displaying signs and symbols that reduce the deep dimensions of reality and memory recollection.”


Art Installation


Misk Art Institution



A Myth is a Collective Dream