Position Title                                      :               ELECTRICIAN

Position Code                                    :               ELM 1008-PWMC


Accountable To                                 :               Project Manager


  • To work and be competent in the field of electrical maintenance and construction.


  • Incumbents inspect, isolate, troubleshoot and repair electrical malfunctions using various test instruments.
  • Maintain and repair programmable lighting and access systems.
  • Test electrical equipment for safety and efficiency.
  • Plan the layout and wiring of new or remodelled installations;
  • Inspect completed work for conformance with specifications, requirements and compliance with applicable building and safety codes and regulations.
  • Participate in the maintenance and operations of an electrical shop; clean, maintain and service tools and equipment used in the performance of duties.
  • Work with diverse materials and understand their properties i.e. plexi glass, acrylic, styrene, PVC, ply, wood, card, high density foam, ABS, and vinyl’s.
  • Fabricate and/or replicate scaled precision models accurately from sketches, renders and technical drawings provided.
  • Knowledge on how to apply vinyl’s and cling films onto different substrates.
  • Ability to construct block buildings and detailed buildings on their own.
  • Have adequate skills and techniques in the assembly of cut parts for the above-mentioned materials.
  • Ability to mask off and prepare assembled parts for painting.
  • Ability to paint according to requirements.
  • Knowledge on required paint finishes for models, stands and other related materials.This includes textures finishes, colour mixing and the application thereof.
  • Installation of the basic 12V wiring systems into buildings and related products.
  • Able to measure accurately (mm, cm, and meters) with a calliper and a measuring tape.
  • Base construction (Ability to read detailed drawings- contours/ spot heights etc).
  • Knowledge of landscape finishes – hardscape and vegetation.
  • Knowledge of model scales and how to convert/ revert these.


  • Knowledge on how to operate hand tools and power tools properly/ safely.
  • Fabrication of stands and crates etc. This includes assembly, sanding, painting, and finishing of the products.
  • Required to wrap and pack models, stands or other required items.
  • Loading and offloading of materials, crates, and models etc from delivery vehicle.
  • Assist with the safe lifting and moving of models within the factory under direction of Workshop Managers.
  • Assist with preparation and installation of exhibitions and presentations on site as instructed by Workshop/Project Managers.
  • Coordinate and monitor activities in accordance to project schedule.
  • Ability to run small to medium size projects independently as instructed by Workshop/Project Managers.
  • Take instructions and assist Workshop/Project Managers and Project Supervisors in all aspects of daily duties.
  • Ensure thorough knowledge of and compliance with modelshop rules and procedures.
  • To contribute, or otherwise assist, as required.
  • Work the required hours when tight deadlines are to be met.
  • Travel when required for the installation and/ or the dismantling of models.
  • Other duties that may from time to time be required



  • Diploma .


  • At least 02 years’ experience in the related field.

Special Qualities/Requirements

  • Knowledge of basic tools of electrical appliances and wiring.