A Futuristic Approach to Making Your Project Exhibitions Stand Out in 2022

Futuristic Approach

We live in a modern era where people expect much more from an exhibition than boring banners and brochures. Providing visitors with a wow factor at your exhibition stand is one of the primary foundations for attracting their attention. With so many revolutionary technologies making their way into the exhibition business, it can be complex to know which one is appropriate for you. Here is a look at the ten latest technologies compatible with the vast majority of exhibition and stand designs to stand out in 2022.

1.Develop a mirage through projection mapping

Using the projection mapping method, you can turn irregularly shaped objects into video projection surfaces. Through this technique, marketers and exhibitors create optical illusions, fill previously motionless spaces with new dimensions, and make things appear alive and animated. Video is frequently mixed with audio, or triggered by it, to create an audio-visual story.

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